MBG Cruise

Forestry Field Data Collection Made Easy

MBG Cruise is a DataPlus Professional application for collecting forest inventory data on a hand-held data recorder. Data from MBG Cruise can be imported directly into MBG Tools. Data can be entered at the stand, plot, tree and log level. MBG Cruise contains everything you need to collect detailed forest inventory data, including:

  • Stand, Plot, and Tree ID
  • Cruiser Initials
  • Plot Size, Aspect,¬† Slope, and Elevation
  • Tree Species
  • Tree Diameter at Breast Height
  • Tree Height and Taper Diameter and Height
  • Tree Crown Ratio
  • Tree Age and Defect
  • Specific Log Grades

MBG Cruise allows foresters to collect categorical data, such as a component code that designates if a tree has a broken top, if the entire tree is cull or dead, if the tree is a non-merchantable snag or a wildlife tree, or if the tree is a designated site index tree.