Tillamook County Timberland Appraisals

Tillamook County Timberland Properties The Appraisal Services Group at MB&G provided market valuations for 11 scattered timberland properties located in the Coast Range of Tillamook County. The appraisals were completed to assist in the possible sale of these public properties. At the request of the client, MB&G also designed and managed a timber cruise covering all 11 properties. This geographic region presents valuation challenges such as landslide areas which sometimes restricts harvest opportunities. In these instances, economic uses such as recreation and conservation were explored as possible uses for these parcels. The appraisal project also required consideration of the unique amenity of over 1,000 feet of river frontage. Project CategoriesForestry Projects Forest Managment Forest Planning Biometrics & Modeling Appraisals Investment Management Due Diligence Forest Economics International Projects Environmental Projects Botanical Resources Wildlife Resources Fish & Aquatic Resources Wetlands Water Quality Restoration Permitting Construction Support Geospatial Projects Data Management Data Development GIS Analysis & Modeling Remote Sensing Cartography & Mapping Geospatial Software...

Clagstone Meadows and Cape Horn Conservation Easement Appraisal

Clagstone Meadows and Cape Horn Conservation Easement Appraisal  This project is one of several recent conservation easement appraisals completed by MB&G. Trust for Public Land retained MB&G to perform a market valuation of 14,400 acres of forestland consisting of two distinct properties in Northern Idaho. The Clagstone Meadows property totals 13,169 acres and is the largest contiguous tract of privately-owned land in Bonner County, consisting of a combination of natural forest cover, open meadows, wetlands and lakes. The Cape Horn tract totals 1,263 acres and is located along Lake Pend Oreille, providing spectacular sweeping views of the lake and distant mountains. This area of Northern Idaho has been experiencing rapid growth in recent decades. With the scenic views, year-round recreational amenities, high-density zoning, and the availability of nearby services in the towns of Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint, quality appraisal work was in order. A large-scale planned unit development was approved for the Clagstone Meadows property. The plan called for a resort community with approximately 1,100 residential units, two private golf courses, and other commercial uses. MB&G provided a market valuation of these highly developable properties, both before and after the imposition of a perpetual conservation easement. The appraisal underwent a thorough review and was approved by the U.S. Forest Service. The final conclusions provided the basis for a successful easement acquisition. The conservation easement will prohibit future subdivision or development of the Clagstone Meadows and Cape Horn properties and grants public access for recreational activities in perpetuity. These properties will continue to be working forests, supporting the local forest products industry. Learn more about this project at the Trust for Public Land. Project...
Appraisal of Company Timberlands

Appraisal of Company Timberlands

MB&G’s timberland appraisal expertise is one of our core competencies and was used on this 17,500-acre appraisal.