USFS Region 5 Forest Health Monitoring and GIS Support for Pacific Island Partners

MB&G is currently providing on-site Remote Sensing and Geospatial Technology support to the USDA Forest Service Region 5. We are supporting multiple projects underway including the Forest Health Monitoring Database, GIS and vegetation mapping, technical support and training for Pacific Island Partners Project. Current project highlights include:

  • Calculate avoided solar radiation to help evaluate the contributions that urban forests make to public health and mitigating the incidence of skin cancer and heat-related illness. David is using LiDAR data along with canopy cover data previously acquired over California cities to develop canopy height and building height models, combined with existing terrain models to conduct solar modeling and calculate the solar irradiance blocked by buildings and trees during each year.
  • Assess forest response to sea level rise and agroforestry in the Pacific Islands. Scope involves assessing the condition of coconut plantations in the Republic of the Marshall Islands and studying how mangroves are responding the sea level rise in the Federated States of Micronesia.
  • Epidemic of fungal-borne Rapid Ohia Death research on the Big Island of Hawaii. Work involves dispersal modeling of fungal spores, spatial point pattern analysis to quantify patterns of disease spread, and various forms of spatial regression to identify environmental factors associated with the epidemic.
  • Assist with efforts to restore forests on private lands by evaluating tree species and developing web maps to identify optimal areas within existing forest to collect seeds for sowing on private lands.