PG&E Access Roads Management Program Conditions Sampling

PG&E Roads Assessment ProjectThe Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) Access Road Management (ARM) Program was established to ensure safe and reliable access to bulk transmission facilities throughout PG&E’s 73,000 square-mile service territory. PG&E contracted MB&G to manage a quantitative assessment of the conditions of their access roads. This includes development of the sampling approach, quality control of field data collection efforts, day-to-day management of collected data, statistical analysis and summarization of the final data, and stakeholder communications.

MB&G PG&E projectMB&G developed field protocols for assessing road conditions along each segment including erosion, water drainage, road stability, and vegetation encroachment. We trained PG&E field crews and provided quality check protocols. To apply prevailing conditions we are analyzing strata over the territory and developed a sample design consisting of a statistically valid sampling approach, which was stratified by area and land-use type.

MobileMap RoadsField data management included database design and management of incoming data on a daily basis. MB&G wrote a program to ingest field data uploaded by crews each night, quality check data inputs and flag possible errant records, and load data up to a spatial content management system (CMS) supported by ArcGIS Online and Drupal. The spatial CMS provided daily updates on crew progress, review of suspect records, and real-time feedback to field crews. MB&G also supported PG&E with the development of a brochure as well as a full report identifying the background, purpose, goals, and proposed methods for the project.