ODOT Kellogg Creek and Tryon Creek Biology and Hydraulics Fish Passage Study OR99

MB&G provided technical support of ODOT’s biology and hydraulics feasibility studies for the removal of fish passage barriers on Kellogg and Tryon Creeks, tributaries of the lower Willamette River. The project focused on the net benefit to native migratory fish resulting from the restored fish passage at the creek’s confluence with the Willamette River and restoration of the creeks’ lower reaches. The work required synthesis of field data and existing historical data for both watersheds to document limiting factors for watershed processes and native migratory fish sustainability, as well as the likely ecological improvements resulting from restored fish passage. MB&G led the preparation of Fish Passage Feasibility and Net Benefit Reports for both sites, and managed the hydraulics analysis and feasibility reporting work by a hydraulic engineering subcontractor.