ODOT 1R Data Collection Applications

MB&G was contracted by the Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Asset Management Integration (AMI) Group to develop an asset condition assessment solution for seven ODOT assets: culverts, signs, bike paths, sidewalks, ADA ramps, traffic barriers and bridges.  To date, culverts have been completed, and the remaining assets, other than bridges, are in final review and training stages.  For each asset type, ODOT requires a GPS-based mobile application for performing condition assessment of assets in the field, and a data management solution that can support the full life cycle of field-collected data.

The first application developed was for the culvert assets, and included requirements gathering, design and implementation of a new Esri geodatabase data model, creation of a semi-automated spatial ETL process for data migration from an Oracle database to an ArcSDE Geodatabase, design and development of a mobile application using Esri’s ArcPad software, and the design and development of a web application based on ODOT’s official web map application framework, TransGIS. The web application was built using ODOT’s in-house web framework, which consists of an ArcSDE/ArcGIS server back-end and a front end using HTML/JavaScript and the ArcGIS  API for JavaScript.

The figure below shows a high level diagram of the major system components and data flows.

The result of the culvert project was an end-to-end process for managing culvert data through the entire condition assessment workflow.  The components of this process were a well designed data model, a data migration ETL process, an easy-to-use mobile application, efficient workflows for check-out/in of field data, and a custom web application for alerting management of maintenance issues.  The remaining assets will have similar components minus the web application which is not required for these assets.


Oregon Department of Transportation