Mt. Hood Highway 26 Safety Improvements Project


MB&G assisted ODOT with environmental analysis and associated documentation for the¬†pavement preservation, rockfall protection, and highway widening between MP 49.5 and MP 57 on the Mt. Hood Highway 26. The rockfall protection and highway widening occurred on U.S. Forest Service (USFS) lands (ZigZag Ranger District). MB&G prepared several environmental permits and clearance documents for the project including three biological evaluations (BEs) for botanical, wildlife, and fisheries resources in compliance with the National Forest Management Act. MB&G also prepared Endangered Species Act (ESA) documentation, including a Biological Assessment for Northern Spotted Owls, an FHWA Programmatic application for fish species, and an ESA No Effect Memorandum for other listed species that occur in the area but would not be affected by the project. MB&G also prepared a Wild and Scenic Rivers Act permit for activities in the vicinity of the Salmon River, as well as an Environmental Resource Analysis Report to demonstrate ODOT’s compliance with the Mt. Hood Corridor Final Environmental Impact Statement (1998), otherwise known as continuing validity. Finally, MB&G conducted a timber cruise and species surveys (botanical and mollusk) to support the BEs and other environmental documents.


Oregon Department of Transportation