McMinnville Water and Light McMinnville Watershed Forestry Services

MB&G has worked for the McMinnville Water and Light Company for many years performing many different tasks on their properties including cruising, inventory management, tree planting, and site preparation. Our work includes managing the forest inventory database by reflecting annual biological growth, reductions due to cutting or catastrophic events, and new cruise data.  This includes keeping both the tabular and GIS data up to date.

Recently our team planned and managed timber harvesting in accordance with all state and federal requirements on 265 clear-cut acres and 1,035 acres of partial cuts in the past five years. We have also cruised approximately 2,750 acres in that timeframe. All forest management activities were performed within requirements of the Oregon Forest Practices Act, USFWS Northern Spotted Owl protocols, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Oregon Fish and Game Regulations, Federal Clean Water Act, National Environmental Quality Act, and the Federal Endangered Species Act.

We have been managing this property off site for 60 years, providing a source of revenue through timber harvesting while maintaining the water quality and improving watershed resiliency. Timber harvest revenues resulting from MB&G’s work have been used by the city to improve their water treatment and delivery infrastructure.

McMinnville Water and Light Company