Hancock Resource Group Geospatial Projects

MB&G has supported Hancock Natural Resource Group (HNRG) and Forest Capitol Partners (FCP) timberland business (acquired by HNRG in 2012) with geospatial applications, forestry support services, and strategic planning.

In 2011 MB&G conducted a high-level review of FCP ‘s Forest Management Systems to assist in the identification of outstanding business needs and requirements. The scope for this project was developed to assess FCP’s main business processes including: Forest Planning; Inventory; Growth and Yield; GIS and MIS. The result of this project were two review documents, one containing detailed assessment of the aspects described above and a second that focused on the strengths and weaknesses of each process with an emphasis on the recommendations for improvement.

HNRG has been an early adopter of MB&G’s MobileMap™ software, an offline mobile GIS application written for Android tablets and phones.


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