Forest Planning Projects and Timber Harvest Modeling

Forest modeling and timber hodelingMB&G has completed numerous large-scale forest planning projects that incorporate harvest modeling or sustainable yield analysis for public agencies, private clients, and tribal organizations. Over the past 15 years, we have built over 100 timber harvest scheduling models in support of long-term forest management planning and/or appraisal purposes covering over 45 million acres.

Each modeling effort is unique, reflecting the analytical objectives of the assignment, the form of the available data, and the time and budget available. Most of these properties are in the West, although we support other forested US regions, as well as South America.

Inventory data ranges from complete stand-based inventories to much detailed and summarized data. We recognize that collecting inventory data is costly, and we make as much use of the available data as we can. Where inventory data are not detailed, we are careful not to attribute more precision or specificity than can be supported by the underlying data.

Remsoft Expertise

Most of our forest planning models are linear programming models and we currently use Woodstock — a commercial linear programming harvest scheduling model published by Remsoft ( We find that formulating a problem in terms of objectives and constraints is a natural approach to forest management problems and lends itself to creating and evaluating alternatives. We also have the capability to build heuristic planning models.