OWERS: Oregon Watershed Emergency Response System

The Oregon Watershed Emergency Response System (OWERS) is a state-wide, geospatial web application that provides critical information to aid in watershed decision support before, during, and after emergency response incidents. Built as a partnership between Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) and MB&G, OWERS is ready to help you manage spill responses in your watershed. Each watershed will have different requirements and available data, but to implement OWERS in your watershed, the following resources and data are usually required:

Required Data:

  • Response equipment storage locations
  • Response equipment deployment locations
  • Boom deployment locations
  • Watershed boundaries
  • Rivers and roads
  • River and road mile points
  • USGS gauging stations locations
  • Emergency response equipment lists

OWERS costOperational Data:

  • Historical incident locations
  • Drinking water intakes, public wells
  • Boat ramps, parks and other access locations
  • Dams, culverts, sub-basins
  • Address points, tax lots, census blocks
  • Potential contaminant sources
  • Wetlands, fish and wildlife habitats
  • Fish distribution

Other Requirements:

  • ArcGIS Online organizational account

The OWERS interface provides critical real-time information and community partner alerts regarding watershed emergencies. The multi-layer, web-based interface organizes response strategies and includes a live feed to provide updates. Communities wishing to utilize the OWERS technology, please contact software@masonbruce.com. OWERS_InterfaceGraphics