Timberland Investment Management

Our team assists landowners realize their potential timberland investment by planning for competitive returns and providing superior client service.

Timberland is well suited for long-term investment and continues to grow no matter the short-term economic climate. It adds diversification to overall investment portfolios and provides an inflation hedge. Financial returns to timberland investments can be positively influenced through proper management by a team of seasoned foresters.

Our staff includes professionals with substantial experience in silviculture, investment management, and economics. We take a comprehensive approach to risk management and seek to identify, assess and mitigate risk throughout the investment cycle.

We currently apply environmentally and financially sound forestry principles in our on-the-ground forest management on 165,000 acres spread throughout California, Oregon, and Washington.  These lands are owned by a diverse set of clients, including family trusts, municipalities, and timberland investment organizations (TIMOs), so management goals and strategies are diverse as well.

ProjectLinkGraphic_InvestmentWe manage and market timberland operations that have millions of dollars in annual log sales and have produced significant cash flows for its investors. MB&G has excellent relationships with many landowners as well as the federal and state agencies that regulate timberland and forest management operations. We have been publicly recognized several times by these agencies for our forest management practices, stewardship, and performance.

In addition to viewing timberland as a financial investment, our team can help landowners recognize their returns on their natural environment, recreation, and conservation goals.