Keep Data Up-to-Date and Accurate

MB&G is dedicated and passionate about forest inventory. Our staff work with forest inventory data on a daily basis; it is what we are good at, and what we love to do. We are experts in database management, inventory updates, and reporting. We conduct annual and periodic updates for changes in land ownership, timber harvest depletions, new cruises, and growth. Our forest analysts team with our in-house software developers, geospatial specialists, and cartographers to create tools and applications specific to forest inventory data management systems. We have a continually perfected process in place to edit and update client’s tabular and spatial forest data.

MB&G manages tabular and spatial forest inventory data on 1.5 million acres across the United States. We work with a wide variety of forest landowners including TIMO’s, REIT’s, small private landowners, municipal watersheds and family trusts. Our team uses MBG Tools, FPS, Cengea, and Esri to manage our clients tabular and spatial inventory data.

Forest Inventory Data Migration

We routinely inherit forest inventory data stored in various database formats. Our team excels at interpreting complex data formats and converting data. We have the programming and inventory data expertise to analyze data formats and develop translation routines to populate your database tables.

Cruise Data Collection and Management

When managing field data collection campaigns, we utilize or in-house InventoryManager™ web application to seamlessly and efficiently manage the flow of live data from cruisers, to check cruisers, and to the office. MB&G routinely manages large production timber cruising projects and annually collects data on over 50,000 inventory plots in New York, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and California.

Cruise Data Processing

We typically take our clients’ field data, import it into our MBG Tools database, process the measurements using the most robust biometrics for a particular region, and generate concise, detailed reports.