Transaction Due Diligence

Leading Clients through the Transaction Process

MB&G has worked for the potential buyer or seller in the majority of the land transactions in Oregon and Washington over the last five years. We have a reputation of being able to conduct a detailed assessment of a timberland property in a short amount of time. We can analyze a seller’s inventory and GIS data, create a set of long-term yield tables, and a harvest schedule model. We have experienced field foresters that can assess stand and road conditions and operability of a tree farm. We also conduct inventory verifications to assess the veracity of a seller’s inventory.

Our biggest strength is our ability to pull together numerous experts and resources at a moment’s notice. We enjoy working on these fast-paced, and sometimes challenging, projects.

Inventory Verification

Our field-based inventory verification efforts provide a check on an entire inventory system by presenting the opportunity to complete a “cruise to inventory” comparison. A randomly selected sample of stands are cruised and the results are compared to the existing inventory database. The inventory estimate may be based on a recent cruise, an old cruise that has been grown to the present point in time, a stratum average, or a default stand table. This process provides a potential buyer, or seller, a unique look at the current inventory.