Biometrics & Modeling

Representing Natural Variability With Applied Statistics

MB&G has always been known for expertise in forest biometrics and applied statistics, as well as modeling, optimization, and simulation. Our staff demonstrates efficient sampling and estimation methods to improve decision-making while minimizing costs. Our biometricians are well-versed in various programming languages and use statistical packages such as R, Systat and SAS. We make extensive use of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL, and R for data analyses and data management, and provide support for MBG Tools, a stand-based forest inventory data management system used on approximately three million acres across the United States.

Our biometricians fine-tune models to validate, calibrate and adjust growth and yield models with field measurements. Our clients trust our expertise in sampling, analysis, and project management to deliver results at the highest industry standard.

Our Biometricians use growth models to develop long-term yields that feed into our harvest schedule models. We analyze the growth projections and models often explore different combinations of management treatments ranging from the use of improved seedlings, brush control, PCT, commercial thinning, and a variety of final harvest methods. Our team has developed a wide variety of silvicultural management regimes that we incorporate into our timber harvest scheduling models.

MBG Tools

MBG Tools is our stand-based forest inventory data management software that puts forestry data at your fingertips. It provides a user-friendly interface for cruise compilation, merchandising, data management, reporting, and growth projections. It is currently used on over three million acres in the U.S.

The software provides pop-down menus to facilitate cruise data compilation, merchandising, depletions, stand growth, expansions, and reporting. MBG Tools provides a choice of taper systems and easily coordinates with stand data held in a Microsoft Access database. Learn more about MBG Tools and its flexibility in choosing different growth models and customized volume and/or taper equations.