Public Involvement

We plan and carry out comprehensive public engagement programs that convey information, support collaborative solutions, and build public trust.

MB&G works with clients to plan and implement proactive communication strategies that inform and engage project stakeholders. We help clients identify their audience, shape their message, and reach diverse constituencies through a variety of media and personal outreach formats. Our public involvement specialists have extensive experience preparing informational materials that convey complex and technical issues in visual and reader-friendly formats.

We are adept at facilitating meetings and using online tools to solicit public input that is valuable to decision makers. Most importantly, we know what it takes to build stakeholder relationships that foster trust. Our attention to stakeholder interests and concerns helps clients chart a course for project success.  We are also committed to achieving environmental justice and have a track record of ensuring that all impacted communities are made aware of proposals, their potential effects, and the opportunities to participate in the decision-making process.

ProjectLinkGraphic_PublicWe believe stakeholder and public involvement not only builds understanding of a project’s purpose and benefit but also paves the way for better decision making.