Meghan Woods
GIS Analyst

Meghan Woods brings over ten years of professional GIS experience in spatial analysis, cartography, data management, and consulting services and five years of experience in graphic design to her positon as Natural Resource Geospatial Specialist at MB&G. She has served as GIS analyst, data manager, webmaster, and publication designer for public and private, and large and small organizations. She has conducted needs assessments for potential data collection applications for future development, as well as needs assessment for a DMSM ground data collection mode, and forest health monitoring. She was responsible for the development of a small firm’s GIS program, the adoption of handheld data logging by field personnel in R5 Forest Health Protection (FHP), the maintenance of R5 FHP contributions to national programs, such as the National Insect and Disease Risk Model, conducting technology training and facilitating workshops, and providing GIS solutions to users on an as needed basis. Meghan has extensive experience with multiple GIS/GPS software environments, their interoperability, and providing technical assistance in support of users’ adoption of new technologies. She holds a B.B.A. Economics and Marketing from the University of North Florida.

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