Margaret Pettygrove, Ph.D.
Natural Resource GIS Analyst / Programmer

Margaret Pettygrove has nearly ten years’ experience as a GIS specialist with expertise in geospatial analysis and database management. Margaret is skilled in using many different geospatial tools, including web mapping applications, open source GIS (such as GeoDa), spatial statistics programs, and ArcGIS. As an instructor and researcher in geography over the last seven years, her primary responsibilities have included creating and managing GIS databases; procuring, preparing, and analyzing geospatial data; constructing GIS models; and creating GIS maps for private and public organizations. She has successfully planned and executed several short- and long-term research projects, both independently and in collaboration with others. Margaret holds a PhD in Geography, a GIS Certificate and a M.A. in Geography from the University of Wisconsin, as well as B.A. in Religious Studies from Macalester College.

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