MB&G to Host SAF Technology Workshop

MB&G is playing an integral role in the upcoming SAF Forest Technology Workshop  that will be taking place on May 8-9 in Columbia South Carolina. In addition to being a Silver Sponsor, MB&G will have an exhibit space and present on both days of the event.

On Tuesday May 8th, MB&G Principal – Geospatial Services Group James Schriever  will participate in the field session and on Wednesday, our team will lead a 45-minute presentation on the benefits of using leading-edge forest inventory management technology.

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy in Forest Inventory Management Systems

Session Detail:

As new technologies continue to emerge and many forest management software systems reach obsolescence, forest companies realize they need to share information with team members in less time using fewer resources.  Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc. (MB&G) is partnering with Esri, the World’s leading geospatial software provider, to deliver modern technologies that provide permanent benefits for organizations that manage forestlands.

With MB&G’s forestry extensions to the ArcGIS platform, your firm can stay ahead of the competition by streamlining business processes. Our MobileMap and InventoryManager Software offerings capitalize on your data investment and enable you to utilize your data to be more profitable, productive, and efficient. Powered by Esri technology, our software supports forest inventory, forest planning, timber appraisals, forest roads, timber sales, timber scaling, reforestation, and certification. Practical case studies and implementation examples will be provided.

 Benefits covered in this workshop:

  • Improve field data collection productivity and performance – Coupled with MB&G MobileMap our system eliminates redundant and duplicate data entry. No longer is there a need for field teams to organize or take maps into the field; no need to transcribe notes into spreadsheets; and no need to review or upload spreadsheets into your database. With existing GIS data preloaded into collection forms, your field crew spends less time at each point and the data is consistent and accurate. Automated extract, transfer, and load processes replace time-consuming manual methods and eliminate human and keyboard error.
  • Provides immediate access to authoritative information – Make faster and better-informed decisions in the field by providing forest managers with immediate access to authoritative information—anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
  • Facilitates collaboration – Communicate faster, improve teamwork, and advance information sharing by having access to critical business data. MB&G InventoryManager provides a platform for all team leaders to access important resources in a highly visual geographic context which facilitates discussion, evaluation, and consensus building.
  • Lowers operational costs – Lower operational costs by significantly reducing man-hours needed to manually record field observations and transfer information to enterprise databases. In the office, less hours are needed to prepare data, maps, and reports.
  • Scales with your business – Growth and scale changes are easily accommodated by adapting new users, regulatory demands, and business commitments while preserving the integrity of existing systems, without new IT infrastructure costs.

Our forest data life-cycle:

Forest Inventory Lifecycle