MB&G Forester Becomes California Registered Professional Forester


We are proud to announce that we have a new California Registered Professional Forester (RPF) in our ranks. Nikolai Hall joined MB&G in Spring of 2017, and soon after took the RPF exam and get his California license. MB&G and Nikolai’s manager, Senior Forester and MB&G Associate, Steve Ziegler (RPF #2450), encouraged him to pursue the challenging exam and supported him as needed. He charged ahead with applying, studying and sat for the exam that October in Redding, California. After the long grading and notification period, Nikolai received the announcement of his successful passing of the exam in January.

The process to become an RPF in California is very rigorous.  It requires a combination of education and experience, verification of qualifications, supervision by an active RPF, and then sitting for a grueling 8-hour essay exam. The typical person taking this exam has attended a California school of forestry has three to four years of experience in the state and is immersed in the California forestry industry. Nikolai had been out of college for a while and has not worked in California for several years. For typical exam takers, the pass rate is 15% for first timers so to pass the exam on the first try is an impressive accomplishment. Since the process is rigorous, the RPF credentials add credibility to the forester’s professionalism.

Please join us in congratulating Nikolai Hall, California Registered Professional Forester #3056.