MB&G Team Presents at ODOT Conference

Four MB&G team members presented at the Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Geo-Environmental Conference in Eugene this April.

Biologist Alexis Casey presented Safety on the Mountain: A Review of Environmental Issues on the Mt. Hood Safety Project. Her presentation focused on the environmental issues of a project that included rockfall protection, median improvements, additional passing lanes, repaving, and sub-grade stabilization along a 10-mile section of US 26 near Government Camp. View her presentation.

Biologist Kristen Currens presented on Digital Mapping of Resource Boundaries: Global Positioning System (GPS) Limitations and Solutions. Currens, who is a wetland permit and mitigation specialist, discussed using resource-grade Global Positioning System (GPS) devices that are a less expensive option for recording resource boundaries. View her presentation.

GIS Analyst Brian Grass presented on Mobile GIS Technology for Efficient Field Data Collection. Brian highlighted mobile devices and applications as they have become an integral part of field data collection. He also demonstrate MB&G’s MobileMap, a propriety application that enables inexpensive consumer-grade tablets to replace dedicated GPS hardware while offering a more efficient work flow for selected field activities. View his presentation.

MB&G Associate and Senior Biologist Stuart Myers presented his poster on the Washington State Department of Transportation SR 520 Pontoons Fish Salvage: An Unprecedented Approach to Aquatic Resource Conservation. Stuart’s portion of this large bridge replacement project focused on the innovative fish salvage operation that occurred after new bridge pontoons were constructed in a 4-acre casting basin adjacent to Grays Harbor in Aberdeen, Washington. View his poster.